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Visit exotic locations with Maria as your expert tour director and local guides.

Small Ship Cruises

Maria can assist you in finding the best small ship and riverboat cruises.

Land Tours

Travel is easy when you join a pre-planned tour with Maria to your dream location.

Custom Itineraries

We’ll design a trip for you that meets your specific interests and budget.


    October 4–14, 2022: Join Maria for coffeeshop hopping in mainland Portugal. Explore local coffeeshop culture and taste local delicacies.

Cultural Gastronomy

Are you curious about what people eat in other countries? How do they prepare their food? What do their table settings look like? When do they eat their meals? Maria’s background as a personal chef and her passion for travel have made her a cultural gastronomy expert. Learn about the customs around food prep and mealtime within a specific culture, with a cultural gastronomy add-on to your custom itinerary.

Maria Galvao

Your Travel Consultant

I am an adventurous traveler, a researcher, and a problem solver. I love puzzles, maps, and people. I love culture, food, history, art, and architecture. There is so much to see and share in this amazing world!

I created Maria’s Travel because I thrive on building new and different itineraries that connect cultures and gastronomy, as well as building healthy bridges between people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. This is my forte and what I am passionate about. I enjoy building and creating unforgettable memories for travelers. I want my clients to feel exhilarated about their vacations and come home with many stories to tell their friends and family, and memories that will last throughout their lives. —Maria Galvao

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